VIVI cooling products use a patented combination of unique insulation and heat absorbing materials monitored and controlled by a customed designed electronics system. The insulation is used in spacecraft, avionics, cryotherapy and other high-performance, demanding thermal insulation applications. The heat absorbing material, “Phase Change Material,” (or PCM) is commonly used in “green construction.” Our proprietary technology combines these elements in a user-friendly, compact solution.

When the VIVI CAP1VIVI EPI, or VIVI VIAL is exposed to ambient temperatures above 29°C, a slow transition of the PCM from solid to liquid commences. Due to the insulation, this transition takes a very long time to complete. During this time, the interior temperature, in equilibrium with the drug chamber of the pen or vial, is fixed to 28°C. The user can monitor the temperature using the temperature status indicator light.

When the ambient temperature falls below 28°C, the PCM starts to solidify, allowing it to regain its heat absorbing property. That happens overnight, so the products work every day for years without any user intervention.

Keeping VIVI COOL 8c or VIVI VIAL 8c, next to other refrigerated pens or vials keeps the PCM inside ready for use. Taken out from the refrigerator, they  can maintain a temperature of 8°C for up to 24 hours. That is sufficient for most long trips, until having access to a refrigerator.